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Compliance and Regulatory Considerations



One of the main reasons our customers find IHM's services so valuable is our understanding of compliance and training issues.  Facility managers must have a keen understanding of the myriad of regulatory bodies that exist and the requirements they place on each area of facility maintenance.  OSHA, DOT, EEOC and the EPA are just a few of the organizations that enforce strict guidelines that facility managers must adhere to, not to mention individual company polices and safety issues that must always be considered when designing a comprehensive facility maintenance plan.

Employees must be trained, records must be kept and regulations must be observed in order to remain compliant.  Non-compliance can lead to accidents, audits, fines and even criminal charges.  No wonder so many organizations have made the choice to outsource many of these burdens and liabilities to specialty service providers like IHM.

IHM Facility Services management team members know the importance of compliance and safety training.  It's been our business for over 30 years.  Whether managing your employees or our own hourly staff, IHM ensures that all employees have the training needed to remain safe as well as legal.  We've been able to wade through the ever rising tide of governmental and corporate regulatory obstacles that constantly present themselves and consistently evolve to ensure our customers remain safe, legal and compliant.



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