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Frequently Asked Questions



1. What is IHM?

Integrated Housekeeping Management, doing business as IHM Facility Services, is an outsource contract facility service provider, managing a wide variety of building services.  We design custom janitorial, maintenance, building and grounds care, and general labor service plans to vast range of clientele.


2. What services does IHM provide?

IHM works with our customers to develop custom maintenance, service and care programs based on our customer needs and budget constraints.  Though IHM began as an outsourced provider of janitorial services, and remain most heavily involved in that field, we seek to provide solutions for our customers that fall far beyond those limitations.  Instead of simply providing a list of services we can provide, we work with our customers to determine which facility services they would like IHM to handle, then we find ways to meet our customers needs.


3.  Is IHM a certified MBE?

Yes.  IHM was certified as a Minority Business Enterprise in August 2005 by the Indiana Business Diversity Council, an affiliate of the National Minority Supplier Development Council.


4.  Is IHM ISO certified?

Yes.  IHM's processes have been certified ISO 9001:2000 by Perry Johnson Registrars, Inc., since 2003.


5. Do you service retail stores?

Typically no.  Because the basic concept behind IHM's business model is the placement of an on-site Operations Manager, offering our service to stores is typically not cost effective.  We generally serve clients with at least 1000 employees at their facility (100 for food-processing facilities) to ensure that our service is cost efficient and warrants the placement of an on-site Operations Manager.


6.  How much do your services cost?

IHM's facility management programs are designed around the individual facility needs and budget constraints of our customers.  IHM does not offer a rigid menu of services.  Instead, we work with our clients to develop custom tailored solutions that will meet the specific needs of our clients.  Therefore, the cost of our services will vary depending on the individual needs of our customers.


7.  Is IHM a national company?

Yes.  Though, the IHM headquarters are located in Fishers, Indiana, we have successfully implemented facility management programs across the United States.


8. Is IHM a consultant?

The IHM business model involves the placement of resident Operations Managers at customer facilities.  While our management team may act in a consultant-like capacity, the real value of the IHM Management team is that we utilize the experience gained throughout our 30+ year history to actively train and supervise our customers employees (or our own hourly personnel) to perform job functions that can interfere with our customers' core business processes.  This mission is much more ambitious than simply acting as a "consultant", though consulting is another solution we can offer.  IHM is able to adapt to meet the needs of our customers.


9. How does IHM ensure quality?

Part of IHM's commitment to continuous improvement and quality is our QAA (Quality Assurance Audit).  This statistical performance based analysis helps us objectively inspect and rate our performance and determine areas where improvement is needed.


In addition, as an ISO 9001:2000 certified service provider, IHM is committed to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.  Our ISO program helps guide our processes to ensure that our customers needs and concerns are effectively being met.


10. How can I contact IHM Facility Services?

Please click the contact link to view our contact information or contact us via our Information Request form.


Please submit additional questions to our webmaster: info@ihmfacilityservices.com



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