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Government Facilities


There are a vast number of considerations that must be addressed when designing facility maintenance programs for Government facilities.

Government facilities must not only consider operating costs, value and experience, but character.  In the post 9/11 world, it is imperative that the service providers government facility managers choose are trustworthy and carefully screened.

IHM strives to hire only those employees that meet our high expectations of character.  Our rigid hiring processes help ensure that our management employees have the technical and managerial skills to achieve success.  They have the personal will and mental toughness needed to accomplish customer objectives, while catering to the sensitive nature of Government clients. 

Our ability to adapt to the myriad of special requirements that exist in different types of governmental facilities makes IHM a solid and smart candidate when looking to outsource facility services in these environments.

In addition, IHM's MBE and ISO 9001 certification standards allow government facilities the confidence that IHM is "Always The Right Choice" for their facility maintenance needs.


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