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Beginning in 1975 as a small franchise, Industrial Housekeeping Management (IHM) specialized in providing heavy-duty industrial cleaning and exterior building restoration services.  The company soon grew out of its name and later changed to Integrated Housekeeping Management Systems and finally IHM Facility Services.  This was in response to our growth from simply a janitorial company to full-service facility maintenance provider.

In working with our industrial clients, it soon became obvious that their cleaning needs stretched far beyond the projects we were performing for them and thus was born our Resident Management and Supportive Management programs.

In the early 1990’s U.S. companies began to change their view of how facility services should be delivered. They began to migrate from a traditional “in-house only” mentality to a more cost effective and efficient “outsource” focus.

Companies wanted to focus exclusively on their core business plan and allow professionals, outside of their organizations to provide non-core services and support. In response to this “paradigm shift” and at the request of some of our resident management program customers, IHM expanded its cleaning and facilities services expertise to include contract janitorial and facility services programs. Today IHM remains on the cutting edge, seeking innovative ways to serve our customers' ever-changing needs.

IHM's commitment to quality and continuous improvement was recognized in 2003, when IHM became ISO 9001:2000 Certified by Perry Johnson Registrars, Inc.  


President Jerry VanGombos (left) and CEO/Owner John M. Borders (right)

In March 2005, John M. Borders purchased a majority share of IHM Facility Services stock and immediately initiated the process of becoming certified as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE).  

In August of 2005, IHM was certified MBE by the Indiana Business Diversity Council (IBDC), an affiliate of the National Minority Business Supplier Development Council (NMBSDC).

Over the past 30 years, IHM has evolved into one of the most well recognized and respected facility maintenance resources and continues to serve an ever-widening industrial, manufacturing, research/development, food processing, government, pharmaceutical, educational and commercial client base. 


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