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Part of the formula that has made IHM Facility Services such a significant value in our industry is our flexibility.  This is not only true in our ability to design maintenance programs around customer requirements, but also with our staffing options.  

IHM can adjust the service side of our business to fit the needs of our customers.  Our management teams can guide customer employees, union employees or even appoint our own hourly personnel to perform service.

With our customers corporate culture in mind, we select candidates that will enhance client corporate culture and provide the leadership necessary to be successful.  It starts by assembling a well-trained and experienced Resident Operations Management team at our client facility.  The IHM Management Team can either train and supervise our customers employees or hire hourly employees to complete specific contract work.  This option allows our customers to redirect their finances and energy to more important areas, like running their business.

Far too often, businesses are strained dealing with satellite issues, like janitorial and housekeeping services, building and grounds care, facility plumbing or HVAC.  Their management teams must direct their supervision toward handling these problems, often times lacking the training and knowledge needed to resolve them.  Imagine how much more productive your company would be if these issues were someone else's problem.

Our customers have found that by delegating these areas to IHM, they are able to focus the full breadth of their resources on making their core business successful.  In the meantime, an experienced and trained professional deals with these issues using an efficient systems approach; saving our customers bottom line.


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